With long hours at work or school pulling you in one direction and kids or family
responsibilities pulling you in the other, it’s no wonder the need for wellness, self love and relaxing practices have become more and more popular and necessary in every day life for a lot of us.

While there are many tips and techniques you can use to work on and improve your mental health and general wellness, a great way to start is by creating a calming space in your home where you can relax, reflect, and unwind.

Did you know that art can influence your mood? In fact, art is used by many
healthcare professionals to promote serenity and tranquillity. Including artwork in to your home can promote calm, peace, and rejuvenation.

When you choose artwork with specific colours, subjects, and designs that create a sense of calm, you immediately have a relaxing space to spend time in to better your mental health and general well being.

So, what are the colours, shapes, and subjects known for creating calm? And where should you start with choosing the right artwork for your calming space? While selecting artwork is highly personal, we have a few guidelines that help you find the best artwork for a calming space.

Consider colour

Colour has a psychological impact on us humans. For example, brighter colours like red and orange inspire energy. Whereas more subtle warm tones can encourage relaxation. Blue is also a reassuring, calm colour; green inspires peace and creates balance. Lavender shades of purple can be quite zen too. You’ll want to focus on wall art incorporating these colours to create a calm space.


Some good options may be the calming colours of our UK National Park Prints. The subject matter of these prints also adds to the serene feeling of the collection. They were designed to celebrate the natural beauty of this outstanding places and the calming and restorative effects that exploring them has. 



Additionally, creating a calming space also means avoiding colours that clash. Colours that are highly saturated and placed beside one another can be quite
exciting and even aggressive. This is counterintuitive to creating a calm space.
Choosing colours that flow together peacefully can promote relaxation and reflection.


Ponder subject and design
Both the subject and the overall design of any artwork are important. Artwork depicting calm scenery, such as our National Park Prints or the above Poolside Print instantly transport us to places which embody relaxation and perhaps evoke specific memories of times spent at those places. General landscape scenes also give the impression of space, calm and tranquillity.

Better yet, if you’ve got a calming landscape that includes water, you’ve got a recipe for serenity. Pieces like our Lake District National park print include softer lines and water.


What’s more, artwork that is busy, with a crowded space and lots of clutter, can
make the piece distracting and may give off a sense of frenzy. Simpler, more
focused subjects are more likely to be calming and relaxing.


Contemplate display
Did you know that artwork that is cluttered can actually cause feelings of anxiety?
This isn’t ideal when you’re looking to create a calm space to hang out. The same can be said for rooms with walls filled with artwork of
varying colours, subjects, and angles.

You want your artwork to be in harmony with its calm surroundings. For this reason, the artwork you choose should include dominant colours that blend with surrounding furniture and any other pieces you choose to include.
A simple, more minimalistic display of artwork is more effective in achieving a zen
space rather than too many pieces hung on one wall.


Now that you know just how powerful colour, design, and display can be in how it
makes us feel, you can choose artwork and display styles that complement a calm space rather than create a frantic area where you struggle to settle. We have plenty of prints on offer that includes soothing colours, designs, and subjects for you to create a calm space. Visit our website to shop our full collection.