We are really excited to release the first 3 Art Prints from our ‘Greetings From’ collection. 

When creating our prints we are always inspired by the things we love, and things we want to celebrate. Places can mean a lot to us, whether they’re hometowns, a place where we met someone special or a favourite spot to visit. That’s why our Greetings From collection is the perfect way to celebrate the places that mean the most to us. 

The collection is inspired by the classic, retro Americana 'Greetings From' postcards from the 1950s. We’ve always been drawn to these and having collected quite a few of these on our own travels over the years, have always loved the extreme typographic style and the immediate, bold designs.

Greetings from Long Beach

When we decided to create our own collection we knew that we wanted to update the design to fit with our style of vintage inspired prints for modern walls, so we did this by using a more subtle colour palette and more graphic illustrative style, instead of the halftone photographic imagery of the originals. The more understated colour palette means that the prints work great at any size and look amazing as a stand alone piece in any room of the house, as well as making an awesome addition to any gallery wall.

We have a great list of amazing places that we are working on for this collection, but we have released the first 3 based on places that mean a lot to us.

Greetings From…Cornwall!

Greetings From Cornwall vintage inspired travel wall art

Cornwall is a place that is definitely not difficult to love. We both studied on the same Graphic Design course at Falmouth College of Arts (now Falmouth University) which is where we met. Sharing our love of emo music and Americana design over late night beach beers and house parties will always mean that Falmouth, and it’s surrounding beauty, will always have a special place in our hearts.

Greetings From…London!

Greetings From London vintage inspired travel wall art

After finishing university we both ended up in London and moved into our first flat together in Crouch End. London is a one of a kind place and the amount of memories we have living there is countless. It’s where Telegramme Paper Co was born out of a spare room in a Victorian basement flat and where we spent any spare time, outside of full time jobs, working on the company. As much as we love London it’s no secret that jumping on the property ladder there is somewhat impossible, and so when we wanted to buy our own place we decided to look slightly further afield. We wanted somewhere close enough to London but we both decided that we missed the coast after our uni years of enjoying the sea and so we visited a few places before ending up where we are now, in sunny Margate.

Greetings From…Margate!

Greetings From Margate vintage inspired travel wall art

Our current hometown and the original design for the collection. We feel extremely lucky to have found this town and the huge amount of amazing people in it. Margate is the true home of Telegramme Paper Co as we have run the company together since 2014 but have only both been full time with Telegramme since we moved here in 2016. The initial reason behind creating this collection was to celebrate Margate when we designed our original Greetings From Margate postcard back in 2019

It was super popular and so we wanted to update the design and offer it in print sizes too, which is what led to us deciding to turn one print into a new collection.

We hope you love the first 3 prints of the Greetings From collection. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear of each new print as it’s released and head over to our instagram to let us know the places you’d like to see next!

Speak soon, stay lucky,

Bobby & Kate